Rabindra Prasad Dhakal, Dr. Eng.


Talk Title:

The First Step to the Space and Ground Communication at Nepal through International Collaboration for Capacity Building and Sensitization of Space Technology in Nepal


Nepal has initiated space steps through small initiative through nano-satellite called Nepali Sat-1 in 2018 on collaborating with KYUTECH, that has enough and adequately attracted the all concerned authorities and also all general public and considered as national pride by all. Government of Nepal Including Prime Minister and Minister has publicly admire the initiatives through mass communication and social media. The initiative has triggered youth engineers to make the pico satellite in their own, AI and robotics groups are enthusiastically working hard after the initiative NAST has taken on to it and even after successful launching of satellite makes them full of motivation to move.

Government of Nepal is now trying lunching its own mega satellite in its own for which it has garner public sympathy and appraisal, which is obviously fortified by the successful mission of Birds 3 that Nepal get attached with. Moreover, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is drafting space policy for the country first time in Nepal considering its importance and keep the mission in desired format. The stakeholder meeting is proposing the Nepal Government to maximize the application of satellite with the expert and could also want to focus on high altitude earth station in the country, for which Nepal could be the best in the world.

The Ground station work has been almost completed, trying to calibrate the receiving equipment and working hard for capacity building of its researcher and technician at NAST. The antenna is fixed at 20′ height of lattice installed at 3 storied building and ground station is located at Main Building of NAST which is open for public, media persona and authorities to sensitize the wider mass for the development of Space Research and service in the country for future. Delay of ground station caused by late supply of equipment could be logically justified up to this point, and looking forward for international collaboration for successful mission in future.