Nawarat Worakul


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BCCSAT-1 project: High school student satellites project – The 1st Student-built Satellite in Thailand


Astroberry Ltd. collaborates with Bangkok Christian College (BCC) start a high school student satellite project name “BCCSAT-1” under the supervision of King’s Mongkut University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB), Thailand and The University of Tokyo, Japan. Astroberry contributes to this project as a consultant and a manufacturer for professional fabrication of parts and components of the satellites designed by BCC Students.

BCC initially starts space program in selective course for high school level in 2018. Within this program 28 students are participating to experience the life cycle of developing a satellite: design test launch and operate their own satellite as what has been taught in the university level. BCCSAT-1 is scheduled to be launched to SSO in Q2-Q3 2020.