Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh


Talk Title:

UiTMSAT-1 as Catalyst for Indigenous Space Program in Malaysia


On August 2018, UiTMSAT-1 under BIRDS-2 project has been deployed to space, marked as the first Malaysian nanosatellite in space. This milestone gives significant impact to Malaysian space activities especially for Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) as the host for UiTMSAT-1 and to Malaysia generally. 1 year before the deployment of UiTMSAT-1, Center for Satellite Communication (namely as UiTMSAT) successfully formed to support the related activities with UiTMSAT-1 and BIRDS network. Following that, UiTM Space Crew has been formed to support all outreach educational activities to all levels of local community. To prepare the undergraduate student to join the satellite research and projects, Junior UNISAT (UNISAT-Jr) has been established. For bigger scale of project, UiTMSAT started to approach state governments to build the nanosatellite (3U-6U) to solve local and specific issues faced by local community. During the presentation, I will share the current progress and updates on the activities and project we are working on related with space activities in Malaysia.

Short Biography:

Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh is Associate Professor at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. He is Director of Center for Satellite Communication UiTM. His research interest are Space Weather and Satellite Applications. To date, he has supervised more than 15 postgraduate students and leads more than 10 national research grants. He is also visiting Associate Professor/lecturer at Kyutech, lecturing on the subject Space Weather and Satellite Interaction System since 2017 until now.