Dr. Anita Antwiwaa


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Anu-sstl Activities In Promoting Space Youth Inclusiveness In Ghana


Dr. Anita Antwiwaa is an enthusiastic and passionate certified Engineer with a PhD in Electronics and Communications Engineering (Optical fiber Security) from SHUATS-India. She has various interests which include; Women in STEMI Education, Space Technology, Entrepreneurial STEM Education for the next African generation, Satellite Communication, Optical Communication, Microwave Engineering, Network, Information Coding Theory, Climate change, Environmental Pollution and Women in TVET. She is a member of IEEE and served as an Affinity Groups Co-coordinator for Ghana section in 2014. She serves at the GEO programme Board as one of the representatives for Ghana. She was the Advisor for Women in Engineering (IEEE- ANUC Chapter) in 2013. She is currently the Head of Operations for All Nations University Space Systems Technology Laboratory (SSTL). She is a member of the ANU-SSTL outreach team which is working in the various Primary and Secondary Schools in Ghana on the theme “OUTREACH 275” to promote STEMI Education using Space Technology in all the 275 constituencies in Ghana, with emphasis on the Girl Child. She is currently working on the project, “Beyond the Textbook: Practical STEM and TVET Education”, which focus on training the younger generation in Electronics Circuit design, Assembling and Integration to give them a career in TVET.

She was a facilitator for the 2nd AERONET (Aerosol Robotic Network) workshop on 26th July 2018 in Ghana, which trained participants in the use of the data obtained by the Sun Photometer installed at All Nations University as part of NASA Aerosol Robotic Network to measure the atmospheric aerosol column which can help to reduce the effect of global warning caused by greenhouse gasses over the region. She was among the top 50 innovators in education in Africa in 2019 and among the top 40 innovators in education in Africa in 2019.

Dr. Antwiwaa is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Department for Electronics and Communications Engineering- All Nations University College, Ghana. She is a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP) and the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).


The increased in the demand for Space activities and services over the years has called for drastic measures to promote space and its related activities globally especially in the emerging countries.

The All Nations University Space Systems Technology Laboratory (ANU-SSTL) was established in Ghana to promote and build human capacity in the area of space science and satellite Technology through innovative research and development of educative projects to impact our society and Africa.

ANU-SSTL operates an amateur ground station which enable students to enhance their knowledge in space-ground satellite communications as well as satellite tracking.

In pursuing our agenda of promoting space inclusiveness among the youth in Ghana and Africa, ANU-SSTL undertakes various activities which includes the CANSAT training and sensitizing projects and outreach activities Senior high Schools in Ghana to build youth capacity in space and its related activities as well as encouraging them to take a Career in STEM.

After the launch of Ghanasat1, ANU-SSTL embarked on activities to recruit young ladies into Space and its related areas. Moreover, The Laboratory also embarks on pollution monitoring activities in the country by taking ground measurements and validating it with satellite data and communicates the outcome to the regulatory authorities.

This Laboratory is currently at the mission definition stage with its Ghanasat2 which will provide high resolution meteorological data sets to meteorological institutions to enhance weather forecasting.

Our activities have helped to contribute to space and its related activities and services in Ghana and Africa.